Google GAE PHP Runtime发布

5月15日 2013 I/O 大会结束,Google更新了Google App Engine For PHP (GAE PHP runtime)并开放PHP Runtime申请,列入白名单的应用可以执行PHP。

Google App Engine 于今天(2013年5月15日)开放PHP Runtime申请,列入白名单的应用可以执行PHP,现在通过了53个PHP应用申请,需要访问并授予权限将你的应用列入白名单中。


GAE 后期正式发布PHP环境后应该更方便的能选用php。


PHP Overview

App Engine applications can be implemented using the PHP programming language. This developer guide introduces the standard interfaces and explains how to use them with App Engine, as well as the raw APIs and development tools included in the App Engine PHP SDK.

This chapter has the following sections:

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